Anil Poudyal

I currently hold the position of Strategic Planning Manager at Bidhee Pvt. Ltd. , an IT company based in Nepal that specializes in ERP solutions. In this role, my primary responsibility is to formulate strategic technical plans for software engineering.

Additionally, I serve as a Lecturer and Final Year Supervisor at Herald College Kathmandu as a Lecturer, I deliver lectures to Bachelor's in Computer Science students, focusing on the module "Introductory Programming and Problem Solving Skills." In my capacity as a Final Year Supervisor, I guide and supervise Computer Science students in their final year software engineering projects and research

What i'm doing

  • Project Management

    Managing over 30+ engineers and 40+ clients from Nepal, Australia, Jordan and USA.

  • Research

    Currently researching on machine learning and its trust towards the society.

  • Social Service

    Actively involved in social service through Rotary, Rotaract and Leo.

  • Data Analysis

    Generating insights from data and helping businesses to make better decisions.


  • Aarush Thapa

    Working with Anil has made me feel how a true Engineer and a Business Consultant should act. His most significant quality as a Tech Savy has made our company reach another milestone.

  • Subash Sapkota

    The most enjoyable experience for me personally has been working and managing Anil. He has made decision-making considerably smoother and easier because to his analytical thinking and tenacious, action-oriented personality.